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  DUI & Distracted

Victims of tired, stoned, buzzed, drunk or texting drivers may be entitled to significant additional damage compensation for the injuries they cause.



DUI Punishment damages.
Florida allows a person injured by a drunk or texting driver to seek "punitive" damages in addition to any amount  awarded by a Jury as compensation.

Florida protects its taverns.
Many states allow someone injured by drunk driver to sue the tavern for over-serving its customer. Here in Florida, the claim may only be brought if the drunk was a minor, the bar knowingly over-served an already drunk customer or someone known to be a "habitual drunkard" after notice.   

Texting or talking on your phone while driving is illegal in Florida. If injured by an inattentive driver, you may be entitled to extra damages.

Tired drivers. 
If a commercial truck driver caused a crash because they were tired or violated the maximum hours of service rules under federal or state law, you may alsohave additional claims.


After my client's son was fatally injured by a drunk driver with no assets, I recovered the bar's insurance policy limits after proving that the bartender poured him a "to-go" whiskey after he spilled his drink on the bartender.  


After father & grandfather was killed by a drunk driver, I proved that the bar continued to serve her knowing that she had 3 prior DUI convictions, she illegally parked in its drive-thru, stumbled and fell over a table and was already drunk when she arrived at the bar.     

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