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Interesting Claims

I specialize in complex, catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims that others find too difficult, too costly or too time consuming. Many of the claims  below were settled for confidential amounts. 

trials                    denotes Trial    
opinions            denotes Jury Trial 

Australian Fire plane

We are investigating the crash of a civilian C-130 crash during a fire fighting flight.
(New South Wales Australia)

Holster causes shooting

A professional target shooter was injured when his custom holster caused his pistol to discharge. 6 attorneys had turned down this case before we won it.
(Savannah, Georgia)

Botched Landing

A number of my clients were injured when Miami Air 737 crashed into the River

Afghanistan 737

A 22-year-old aid worker was fatally injured when a Kam Air Airlines flight crashed into an Afghanistan mountain because it tracked outdated FMS data.
(Kabul Afghanistan) 

Kenya crash

My two (London & Paris) clients were injured when their helicopter crashed
into a lake during a private tour. 
(Nairobi Kenya)

$3.6 Mil trip-n-fall

A Jacksonville jury found K-Mart liable for causing its customer's back injury when she tripped over a rolled-up mat negligently left in its entryway. Its best pretrial offer was only $5,000.

$1 Mil Truck crash

A truck driver's negligent turn ended the career of an award-winning nurse.

Police boat crash
Two officers were injured when their police boat struck a piling left in the river by a construction company.

Bar assaults patron
A trial Judge awarded $351,000 to a student who required jaw surgery after a bouncer assaulted him.

$8.25 Mil FAA Negligence

An FAA air traffic controller wasn't wearing his glasses when he directed a King Air airplane into a thunderstorm.
(Houston, Texas)


Aircraft Mechanic injured

$800,000 product defect action for a mechanic injured in Saudi Arabia when a test cap from an F15's air-to-air heat exchanger exploded
(Saudi Arabia) 

$1.4 mil USAF
Africa crash

Defense Base & Military Claims Act recoveries  for an injured mechanic after two US Air Force pilots exhausted fuel and crashed a Dash 8 Airliner.
(Mali, West Africa)

$1.2 Mil Fire Drill  
After 2 foreign students swapped seats, the new driver swerved back onto the interstate without looking and my struck. Three other lawyers rejected her case before I won it.
(Ocala, Florida) 

Fuel Exhaustion

A Cessna 340 crashed in the shallow water off the Bahamas 
(Freeport, Bahamas)

$9.4 mil ATC Negligence  

A Federal Judge blamed the FAA 65% after air traffic controllers issued inaccurate and stale weather to a pilot.  


FAA vectors crippled airplane 31 miles

Controllers vectored the Beechcraft on a 31-mile trek to an airport they reported to be only 5 miles away when an engine failure was first reported, causing a crash. The Judge found that it was not negligence.

  $1.5 Mil to heroic passenger

A heroic pilot-rated passenger died saving two others when the pilot in command buzzed cows and lost control of his Bonanza.

(Lake County, Florida)

Unearned rating

Before the hospital's chartered Bell helicopter crashed in heavy fog, a rating service had issued the charter company its Platinum rating, despite a history of violations & dangerous weather and trip planning practices.
(Ocala, Florida)


falsified logs

A national auto dealership's owners were fatally injured when their Cessna 340 crashed. The pilot had falsified his flight experience.

(Melborne, Florida )


Sleeping passenger burned

$150,000.00 for passenger burned during a flight after a flight attendant spilled an entire pot of hot coffee on him as he slept.
 (Somewhere over Georgia)

Defective Defibrillators
Many of our 75 clients underwent additional surgeries to replace defective implanted defibrillator devices.
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)

$1 Mil Bar liability 
A tavern continued to serve an intoxicated patron who was so drunk she parked in their drive-thru. After leaving, she ran over the man that bought her drinks.


$1.6 Mil amputation
 Workers compensation immunity was avoided by proving that OSHA-mandated press guards had been removed to improve production. 

 Apartment shooting
A teenager was fatally shot by one of the complex's many residents solicited from a mental health facility.
(St. John's County, Florida)  

$1.3 Mil Pedestrian
 A Tallahassee Jury found that my client's traumatic Brain Injury was caused by an inattentive driver who offered nothing before trial and was found to be 75% responsible.
(Tallahassee, Florida)

Semi crash
A Federal Jury blamed the truck driver for injuring my vacationing Illinois clients in an interstate highway crash.
(Ocala, Florida)

$420,000 sleepy driver 
A driver fell asleep and injured his co-workers. We were able to avoid Florida's employer immunity.
(St. Augustine, Florida)

Negligent backing 
My deaf client was blamed for walking behind the backing truck. I learned its back-up camera was broken and the company's policies were violated. I recovered 10 times more than the offer made to a prior attorney.

(Ft. Myers, Florida)

Negligent parking

After a 10-day trial, a Jury found that the parking of a truck in the middle of a busy roadway did not cause the fatal accident.


Golf Cart truck 
A Judge ordered a local golf cart company to pay damages after injuring my client in an auto crash. 

$1.3 Mil bad boat

A local Jury found Donzi at fault after its boat windshield detached and injured my client. The manufacturer's best pretrial offer was only $35,000.


Fall on Navy carrier

A marine worker fell down an aircraft carrier's access trunk because safety nets had been removed.





Mechanic crushed 

A Master Mechanic was injured when the truck he was repairing fell due to an improperly designed lift.

(Clay County, Florida)

$800,000 diet pill 
A young mother's fatal heart attack was caused by an Ephedra diet pill.

Its not always about money

Defending Heroes
An honest police officer was vindicated after I proved that criminal allegations against him were false.

Death Row Dog
After Animal Control seized a homeless man's dog and sentenced it to death, I proved a due process violation and the dog was pardoned.  

Police cause crash

It looked bleak. After Police arrested an intoxicated driver when she hit a police car, I proved it was actually the police officer's fault. 

State in Contempt 
When a father faced contempt for failing to pay child support, I proved that it was the state's fault.

Same-Sex Loss of Consortium

An appellate court held that a same-sex partner of injured motorist could not maintain a claim for the loss of her consortium. That has changed.


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