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 Brain Injuries

Claims involving traumatic Brain injuries ("TBI") require expertise.  It can occur in any accident, even if your head does not hit anything.  

TBI claims require significant experience.


Missed Diagnosis.
Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries are often missed by doctors and are frequently dismissed as just  "concussion." Mild injuries can cause nausea, vomiting, migraines, dizziness, double vision, ringing in the ears. But, a TBI can be severe, and can cause changes in the pathology of the Brain. They go undiagnosed because they do not always appear on radiology films. 

Friends & Family.
Family members are usually the first to notice subtle changes in personality, sleep, cognition, memory,  irritability, disorientation months after an accident.



My client was hit by one of two cars involved in a collision while standing on a corner and suffered a TBI. Though she improved, cognitive deficits lingered. The at-fault driver, who offered nothing before trial, paid the lion's share of $1.3 million after trial.  

Another client was injured when his boat windshield separated and struck him in the face. Though he looks fine, his personality changed significantly after the incident and the Jury found damages of $1.2 million.  

If you suspect that your family member has sustained a Brain injury in an accident, please call me at 904.355.6000.


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