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Wrongful Death Claims

A traumatic death of a loved one due to another's carelessness causes very different grief. Unlike a fatal illness, not having the opportunity to say goodbye amplifies the pain. I can provide the additional support and compassion that my clients need to get through the process.


"My son, a pilot himself, was fatally injured when another pilot recklessly crashed his personal airplane. Three other aviation lawyers rejected my case  because the airplane was uninsured."                         - PS

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Florida law.

Fatalities are different than injury claims. If the accident involved an aircraft, boat, medical mistake, or if it was caused by an employee of the government, the claim can be even more complex.   

A wrongful death is one where a person is fatally injured or so severely injured that they pass away shortly thereafter because of those severe injuries. 

In Florida, a lawsuit claiming damages for an injury or illness causing death must be brought within two years or it is barred.

The claim must be brought by a Personal Representative, who must act on behalf of the decedent's Estate and survivors.

The claim for the Estate seeks damages for economic wage losses, medical costs incurred prior to death and funeral expenses.

The Survivors include a decedent's spouse and natural or legally adopted children under the age of 24, or those with certain disabilities. If there is no spouse, adult children of the deceased have a claim regardless of age. However, if the cause of the claim arises out of medical malpractice, no children over the age of 24 may be included as survivors. If there is no spouse or children, the parents of the deceased may recover as survivors.

Survivors may recover economic damages for the decedent's loss of support and services he/she provided prior to their death. They may recover various elements of non-economic damages, such as pain & suffering, spousal support and children may recover for their loss of parental guidance and training.  

  If someone you love was fatally injured in an accident due to another's negligence,  please call me at (904)355-6000.

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